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Flash Presentations:
Ace introduces a vast information database combined with modern help utilities. This enables the practitioner to operate more quickly and accurately than ever before. We have organized these flash presentations to help you grasp some of the actual ways to use Ace as a supporting tool, and to have a 'live taste' and see for yourself the way Ace looks and operates. Please choose any topic from the list.

(The presentations are optimized for better internet downloading. Actual performance would be much smoother and quicker.)


New - version 2 presentations (Recommended):

1) Diagnosing, analyzing, and treatment decisions.
(in less than 5 minutes)

Presentation Features:

– Diseases and symptoms, stems & branches.
Filter – Tongue filter, graph value filter, category filter
Treatment – Acupoints and Formula
General - Checking data stack.
General - a modification and placing an order.

The case sample:

The patient is a 35-year-old woman, three months post partum. She reports that six months earlier she began to experience anxiety attacks and also complains of hair loss that has been diagnosed as alopecia. In recent weeks, she has been very disturbed by black spots in her field of vision and occasional nausea. The patient says she has always had difficulty in making and implementing decisions, and this has been especially true during the recent period. The patient’s tongue is pale, thin and dry.

2) Choosing a combination treatment.

Presentation Features:

– Diseases, (stems & branches reassurance).
Filter – Combination by function.
Treatment – Acupoints combinations.
General - Making appointment using the - open hours - mechanism.

The case sample:

The patient is a A 41-year-old woman arrives at the clinic and complains of heavy menstrual bleeding (Menorrhagia).

3) Stems & Branches – Discovering the born weaknesses.

Presentation Features:

– Stems & Branches - chart and data tables calculations.

The case sample:

Looking for possible weaknesses in a baby who was born on May 14th 2004.




1) Main screen and general look.

    Ace main screen look and navigation options.

2) Points database.

    How to use the acu-points data reference. Screen navigation, position & technique information, indications, illustrations.

3) Formula order.

    How to construct a formula and use the order-by-fax form.

4) Modification – herb counteracts (auto check).

    Shows the way Ace monitors the modification construction and notifies when chosen herb counteracts with any of the others.

5) Meridians Reference – a quick look.

    Just a sneak preview of the Meridians reference screen.

6) Finding nutrition for balancing a syndrome.

    Two ways of using a wizard to get nutrition for balancing syndromes.


Overall diagnosis & treatments assist:


1) A patient with epigastric pain.

    See how to use smart filters to pinpoint and find the best acu-point treatment and best formula treatment.

2) Searching for the best herbal formula.

    How to use Ace to help find the best formula treatment for a patient having the following complaints:

    * Mental depression
    * Forgetfulness
    * Palpitation
    * Pale face

3) Patient suffering from sinusitis.

    Searching best acu-point treatment for a new patient who suffers from sinusitis.



Inside ACE you can find both the traditional information and newer computerized systems. Unlike other Acupuncture software in the market, it is not just an electronic book!

The inner database includes a vast information on Chinese medicine, both from Chinese and western view. The data is not static and has dynamic inner connections.

This database includes thousands of symptoms, hundreds of herbal formulas, hundreds of special acu-points combinations and hundreds of Chinese herbs. It also includes all of the body points, ear points, extra points and their charts, western diseases list and info and Chinese syndromes.

Understand, Diagnose, Treat:

When a practitioner is using ACE, he or she will most probably use it for much more than just a Acupuncture database software. This is due to the unique structure and advanced tools it contains.

ACE - Acupuncture Expert, includes exceptionally smart wizards and unique filters that enable the practitioner to analyze and easily manage every situation. The practitioner can obtain the information, and then use smart wizards and special filters. The wizards and filters serve as an intelligent means of providing ideas and help in every stage. ACE provides diagnosis assist, and treatments assist - unlike any other acupuncture or Chinese herbal software.

ACE will actually monitor your work and inform, suggest, and advice. It will be like getting an extra professional guidance, or just as if consulting other colleagues.


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