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The Extended Version!
Ace version III is more powerful than ever! Now you get our new database module as an integrated part of the software. The module includes new and improved data items and descriptions, and new database navigation capabilities.

The new module is included free of charge and is also available to owners of previous versions as a free upgrade.

chinese database version

Screen Shots
Each of the following is one capture of one index screen. It is possible to navigate from one screen to another using the navigation bar. It is possible to open as many screen as needed at any time no need for back buttons or special approachs, it is all right there in front of you. Every component on each screen is sizable and movable!

You can have a pick at these screen captures from the new data navigation module (click to enlarge):

Acupucnture  Softwate - Database module

Acupucnture  Softwate - Database module

Acupucnture  Softwate - Database module

Acupucnture  Softwate - Database module

Acupucnture  Softwate - Database module

Points Category
Acupucnture  Softwate - Database module

Acupucnture  Softwate - Database module

Acupucnture  Softwate - Database module

Acupucnture  Softwate - Database module

The new database module
Description list:

Symptoms:- Approximately 1500 symptoms, with referrals to acupoints, formulas, herbs, point combinations and syndromes, for making accurate diagnoses. More than 1000 indications and more than 400 functions are listed.

Chinese Syndromes:- More than 80 syndromes related to internal organs are included, with detailed etiologies, pathologies, treatment principles and suggested treatments with explanations (acupuncture, formulas, point combinations, nutrition for balancing the syndrome).

Chinese Nutrition:- Taoclinic provides practical nutritional information with regard to approximately 300 food items. The practitioner can obtain a listing of foods that balance each syndrome or a list of syndromes that are balanced by a particular food item.

Western Diseases:- Approximately 250 Western diseases are listed, with information about the disease, associated Chinese syndromes and relevant treatment with acupuncture and/or herbs.

Acupoints:- All the points on the main meridians and a large selection of extra points (more than 450 acupoints in all) are listed, with the functions, indications, and nature of each. In addition, point locations, how to find the points, needling techniques and detailed anatomical charts.

Category point: from this index you can access every point according to its category and see the point information. This section also includes an index which enables you to become familiar with all the transaction points in the body.

Auricular Therapy:- A detailed listing is given of the ear acupoints, with a comprehensive, comparative indication of the location, based on four difference sources. The locations are depicted on a beautiful photograph of an actual ear. Point functions are given in detail.

Point Combinations:- More than 400 combinations are presented, for the first time with an explanatory text for each combination. The program provides a search system to enable the most effective use of this feature.

Formulas:- More than 300 classic Chinese formulas are given, with the Chinese name, the English name, list of herbs, amount of each ingredient, formula category and functions, indications and contraindications. Provisions exist to place an order directly with a pharmacy, either by e-mail or fax.

Modifications:- More than 1000 modifications of classic formulas are given, including a description of the functions and referral to symptoms.

Herb Antagonisms:- A safety feature built into the program will caution the user in the event that a prohibited or unnecessary combination of herbs is included in a formula construction for the treatment.

Herbs:- more then 600 Chinese medicinal herbs are listed, with the Chinese name, alternative, and Western name, category, qualities, functions, actions, biochemical components, contraindications, recommended daily dosages.

Meridians:- Interactive graphic depictions of the meridians on three-dimensional figures, with detailed description of the pathway, including internal branches. Every acupoint is shown on the meridian and is also a hotspot through which detailed information can be obtained, including detailed charts showing the bones, muscles and tendons in relation to the point.

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