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In ACE there are several very interesting Chrono Acupuncture systems. These systems calculate and present charts and data about the patient, enabling the practitioner a broader view for diagnoses and treatments.

The systems can be found under Stems & Branches and Open Hours. You can read bellow, and also get more information by clicking on any of the two images bellow:

Stems & Branches System:

Open Hours System:



General approach:

All those who are involved with alternative thought processes and treatment methods demonstrate more openness to the basic, important wisdom of the world we live in.  Such wisdom and comprehension of life, enables a deeper and more fundamental vision of the different life processes.

This is why a practitioner of Chinese Medicine demonstrates more depth in understanding and openness towards the patientís specific condition. He understands the relationship that exists between the patientís inert nature and his health.  Furthermore, he comprehends how the patientís place of residence, educational background, mental thought processes, occupation, etc. impact on his mental and physical health.

Such an approach enables the practitioner to deeply understand life processes, and locate the source of the problem, the reason for the sickness, and not just treat at a symptomatic level. The practitioner of Chinese Medicine understands the varying influences in the patientís life, and their mutual dependence on his condition.  Such understand leads naturally to a more comprehensive diagnosis of the problems, resulting in a more accurate treatment with long-lasting results.

One of the most basic principles in such an approach is the concept of a inter-relationship among all phenomena.  Man doesnít live alone as an isolated island, as we were taught to think in the West. Man cannot be separated from his environment.  A connection exists between all men, nature and the entire universe; with man constituting one component of the whole; and therefore is influenced by, and influences all phenomena.

Another basic principle is the idea of cycles Ė a specific time for each process and its equivalent. Each process has a beginning, continuation and end. Therefore, in order to fully comprehend a certain process, its cyclical tendency must be understood. Furthermore, its equivalent, or the relationship between the different cycles must be understood. Pulse, breath, day and night, seasons, years, everything is connected.  Such an approach can be learned of from the words of Qi Bo in The Yellow Emperorís Classic of Medicine:  ďThe laws are laws of heaven, and the methods are methods of earth. In order to integrate between them, one must act according to the method of heavenly lights.Ē

It is with such, that we see that the practitioner of Chinese Medicine has before him a holistic treatment technique which is amazing in scope, and takes into consideration all of the basic principles comprising the structure of mankind, and manís equivalent in the structure of the universe.  As Qi Bo states in the Yellow Emperor: ďAll laws of acupuncture must be based on the sun, moon, planets, stars and four seasons.Ē

Based on this, it was decided to integrate into the ACE program sophisticated thought processes that are related to the cycles of heaven and earth. Such systems automatically perform the required astronomical calculations, and enable the practitioner to diagnose the patientís condition in context with his surroundings, and the cycle of heaven and earth.

One of these methods, called Stems and Branches, helps the practitioner arrive at a map that clarifies a personís energetic nature according to the conditions of heaven at the time of his birth, his overall condition and weak points, and the organs requiring special attention to maintain health.

The ACE acupuncture software program handles all astronomical calculations, including tables and cross-checking. With a savings of lengthy and exhausting time required to study the astronomical systems and use of charts, along with a savings in many hours of works, the practitioner instantly receives results and calculations and may act according to them, or integrate them into his overall diagnosis and treatment processes.

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