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ACE, the new acupuncture software, was developed in order to provide the practitioner with an especially effective tool for treatment according to the principles of Chinese Medicine. Both practitioners and students of Chinese Medicine will find the program to be of great use.

In addition, emphasis was placed on devising operating options that are especially convenient for professionals in other fields of medicine, who are also interested in using Chinese Medicine to diagnose and treat their patients. Doctors of western medicine will find ACE a unique and extraordinary aid, more effective than any other computerized tool that exists currently.

The program is structured to be used either as a main diagnostic tool or as a complementary tool in conjunction with other programs. Thus, almost everyone with an interest in or working in the field of Chinese Medicine is certain to benefit from its impressive capabilities and options, as either the sole working tool or integrated into others.

ACE has a long list of contents and applications. Below is a sample of what the program offers:

(The new database module that enhances all of the bellow data)

Symptoms: Approximately 1,500 symptoms, linked to acupoints, formulas, herbs and point combinations, and syndromes provide over 1,000 indications and more than 400 functions for making an accurate diagnosis.

Chinese Syndromes: Over 80 syndromes of the internal organs are given, containing descriptions of the etiologies, treatment principles, and treatment methods, including acupuncture treatment and explanation, treatment with herbal formulas, treatment by point combinations, and balancing with Chinese nutritional recommendations.

Chinese Nutrition: The ACE program provides practical nutritional information, including a listing of the foods that balance each syndrome, or a list of syndromes that are balanced by a specific food. The program contains a database of approximately 300 different food types.

Western Diseases: Approximately 250 western diseases are listed, giving information about each disease and showing its relevance to Chinese syndromes. Adaptations of Chinese treatments, such as acupuncture and herbs, are provided.

Acupuncture Points: All the points of the main meridians, as well as extraordinary points (more than 450 points in all), are cited. The program provides information regarding point location, how to find the points, needling techniques, and diagrams with reference to tendons, bones, and blood vessels. In addition, the functions and indications of every point are given.

Auricular Therapy: The listing of ear points includes information as to the location and function of each point, with comparison of four different sources. The ear points are displayed clearly and vividly on a real-life ear.

Point Combinations: Over 400 point combinations are cited. For the first time, an explanatory text is provided for each point combination, together with a search engine to enable optimal utilization.

Formulas: More than 300 classic herbal formulas are listed with both the Chinese and English names. A list of the herbs in the formula, dosages of each herb, formula categories, functions, symptoms, and contraindications are provided.

The program enables the practitioner to order a formula directly from a specific pharmacy by fax or email.

Contradictory Herbs: A safety feature of the ACE program – during construction of a formula, the program alerts as to any forbidden or unnecessary herb combinations.

Herbs: 450 herbs are listed, giving both the Chinese and the Western names, herb categories, properties (temperature, meridians/organs, functions), contraindications and recommended daily dosages.

Meridians: Interactive pictures of meridians are seen on spectacular 3D figures. Every acupoint appearing on the meridian is also an active point, which takes the practitioner to point information and a detailed diagram that includes bones, muscles, and tendons. The pathway of each meridian, including the internal branches, is presented in complete detail.
Wizards and Smart Systems:

Wizards: The program contains many wizards that guide the practitioner to the desired goal through a series of questions and by gearing specific steps in the program to the practitioner’s needs.

Operating Wizard: The operating wizard enables the program’s options to be selected in a focused manner, by leading the user, via guiding questions, into the depths of the program.

Solution Wizard: This unique wizard, through a user-friendly process of complex queries, enables the collection of interrelated data, to aid in the problem-solving process.

Diagnosis: Through a revolutionary aspect of the ACE program, a unique questioning method leads the user to a precise diagnosis. In addition, the program provides suggestions for the most appropriate treatment in each case, while still allowing the practitioner to add his or her own personal treatment preferences.

A diagnosis may be made on the basis of patient symptoms, western diseases, or according to Chinese syndromes. Data is received during each and every step and the diagnosis may be based on this data, or on any possible combination of the three parameters.

This diagnostic tool enables the practitioner to reach a diagnosis based on the patient’s symptoms, together with pulse and tongue diagnosis.

Brainstorming: When a diagnosis is made according to disease, and/or symptom and/or syndrome analysis, ACE brings to the practitioner’s attention additional symptoms that are likely to be present.

Treatments: A new breakthrough in the field!
ACE provides graphs that demonstrate the effectiveness of acupoints, point combinations and formulas for a specific case.

Formula Ordering: The program enables the practitioner to select a formula, to revise it, change the dosages, and make any other modifications, and then send it to the pharmacy by fax or email.

The option also exists to save each formula order for an individual patient.


Once the practitioner has constructed the basic diagnosis, the ACE program provides special filters to sift and narrow the possible treatment options in order to pinpoint the most effective choice.

Pulse Filter: Filters results according to the pulse options list, giving the most logical possibilities, based on the diagnosis.

Tongue Filter: Filters results according to the tongue options list, giving the most logical possibilities, based on the diagnosis.

Syndromes/Symptoms Filter: This filter provides an addition tool to further narrow and pinpoint the most accurate and effective treatment option.

Graph Filter: All treatment suggestions - acupoints, formulas, point combinations - are collected to create an interactive repeated values graph for each case, to show the frequency with which a treatment is used in relation to the manifestations. This option is useful when the diagnosis is too general and wide ranging and additional filtering tools are required.

Chrono-acupuncture: (Click here to learn more)

Stems and Branches: For the first time in Acupuncture software, ACE provides the ability to create a detailed map and charts of individual deficiencies, excesses and energetic tendencies. This data aids the practitioner in choosing the most accurate treatment for a specific patient.

Open Hours: The program also applies the Open Hours method, enabling the practitioner to schedule the treatment at the most effective time for the patient, thereby enhancing its efficacy.

Technology / Internet:

Formula Ordering:
After the practitioner compiles a formula, the program automatically constructs a detailed order form containing all the necessary information. The program offers the practitioner the option of sending this form to the pharmacy by fax or email.

Program Updates: The program has been developed with the most advanced state-of-the-art technology and can be updated and upgraded automatically through the Internet, by pressing a specific key in the program.

User Interface and General Ideas:

During creation, the developers of ACE placed emphasis on creating a program that would function both as a database with information and link capabilities and a program that enhances the practitioner’s decision-making abilities with respect to diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, in addition to the exceptionally large database and extensive amount of information in every field, automation systems have been added that enable greater exposure to the concepts and methods of Chinese Medicine.

The program has been built in such a manner as to enable an unlimited variety of activities, whether the need exists for spreading out of data and study of the material only, or for actual assistance in the field of diagnosis and treatment.

ACE has an exceptionally user-friendly and convenient interface, which integrates into the most advanced display systems of Windows XP, 2003 and more. All data is accessed through menus, buttons and Sidebar, tiles and Outlook. Learning time is very quick, and within several days impressive tasks can be performed.

The program gives the practitioner the option of automatic activation or manual operation, according to his or her needs and preferences.

System Requirements:

ACE adapts itself to the power of your computer, and can be operated with almost any configuration. The more advanced the computer, the more ACE will take advantage of the system. Following are minimal requirements:

Computer: Intel processor
Microsoft Windows: XP, Vista
Disk space: 64 MB of available space
Memory: 32 MB RAM

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